Ginger M. Shipp, Ph.D.


Ginger AgriLife photo-xsmall Postdoctoral Research Associate

B.A., University of Iowa (Social Work), 1989
M.A. Iowa State University (Microbiology), 2003
Ph.D. Iowa State University (Microbiology/Animal Science) 2009

Texas A&M AgriLife Research
6500 Amarillo Blvd. West
Amarillo, Tx. 79106
Phone: (806)677-5600
Fax: (806)677-5644
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Dr. Shipp is a microbiologist in the Ruminant Animal Health Laboratory. Her research focuses on how changes in diet affect microbial communities in the digestive tract of beef cattle and how these changes may increase risk of disease. Methods used in the lab include molecular biology, metagenomics and bioinformatics. Dr. Shipp’s responsibilities include performing pilot projects involving ruminant microbial communities, preparation of research proposals and external funding applications: collaborating with outside laboratories and performing related research. 


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  • Shipp, G., Dickson, J., Franklin, N., Quinlisk, P. and Lohff, C. Terrorism Preparedness in State Health Departments-United States, 2001-2003. Mortality and Morbidity Weekly Report 2003;52(43):1051-1053.
  • Shipp, G. and Dickson, J. The Establishment of Enterobacteriaceae and Salmonella in a New Dairy Farm Environment. Foodborne Pathogens and Disease. In press.