Wheat Publications

Panhandle First Hollow Stem Identification

2020 Virtual Wheat Field Day

UVT Trials – Bushland – Dr. Jourdan Bell video

Wheat Picks

2023 Texas High Plains Wheat Picks

2022 Texas High Plains Wheat Picks
2021 Texas High Plains Wheat Picks
2020 Texas High Plains Wheat Picks

2019 Texas High Plains Wheat Variety picks
2018-2019 Texas Wheat Picks
2017 Texas Statewide Wheat Picks
2017-2018 Texas and New Mexico High Plains Wheat Picks

2016-2017 Texas and New Mexico High Plains Wheat Picks

Wheat Characteristics

2019-2020 Wheat Variety Characteristics
2018-2019 Wheat Variety Characteristics

2016-2017 Wheat Variety Characteristics
2014-2015 Wheat Variety Characteristics

Wheat Variety Trial Results

2022 Panhandle Uniform Wheat Variety Trial
2021 High Plains Uniform Wheat Variety Trial – (irrigated and dryland)
2020 Panhandle Irrigated HPUVT Summary
2020 Panhandle Dryland HPUVT Summary
2019 Panhandle HRWW Irrigated Summary
2019 Panhandle HRWW Dryland Summary
2018 Texas Wheat Variety Trial Results
2017 Texas Wheat Variety Trial Results
2016 Texas Wheat Variety Trial Results
2015 Texas Wheat Variety Trial Results 
2014 Texas Wheat Variety Trial Results

Other Wheat Publications

2019 Texas Certified Seed Directory
2018-2019 Dallam County Wheatlage Trial
2018 Wheat Disease Identification
2017 Winter Wheat Management Calendar
2016 Weed Control in Wheat
2016 Potential Causes of Yellowing During the Tillering Stage of Wheat in Texas 
2015 The Importance of Controlling Volunteer Wheat 
2015 Calvin Trostle & Jourdan Bell’s Picks for Texas High Plains Wheat
2015 Texas High Plains wheat variety testing initial report and Wheat variety picks for 2014
2011 Winterkill of wheat
2011 Evaluating wheat suffering from drought and/or late emergence
2010 Estimating wheat grain yield potential
2010 Wheat replanting considerations
Picture guide for estimating wheat forage
2009 KSU Wheat Variety Disease and Insect Ratings
2008 Weed Control Recommendations in Wheat. Texas AgriLife Extension. B-6139
2008 Seed treatment decisions for use on winter wheat
2008 Wheat Streak Mosaic Infection in 2008
2008. Fungicide Efficacy for Controlling Wheat Diseases. View
2007. Sprouted Wheat for Feeding Cattle. Texas Cooperative Extension. View
2007. Wheat Varieties that are Variety Protected (as of May 1, 2007). Texas Cooperative Extension. View
2006. Seed Treatment Decisions for Use on Winter Wheat. Texas Cooperative Extension.View
2004. Evaluation of Foliar Fungicides for the control of Stripe Rust (Puccinia striiformis) in SRWW in the Northern Texas Blacklands. Texas Agricultural Extension Center. View
2003. Wheat Hollow Stem Identification and Grazing Pull-Off. Texas Cooperative Extension. View
1999. Estimating Wheat Yield Potential. Texas Cooperative Extension. SCS-1999-21. View
1999. 1997-1998 Small Grain Forage Trial. Agricultural Research and Extension Center at Amarillo. View
1998. Perennial Weed Control During Fallow Periods in the Texas High Plains. Texas Agricultural Extension Service. L-5102. View
1995. Spring Freeze Damage to Wheat. Kansas State University. View
1994. Effectiveness and Economics of Dryland Conservation Tillage Systems in the Southern Great Plains. Agronomy Journal 86(4):725-730. View

Wheat Newsletters

August 2007 – 2006-2007 Wheat Crop in Review, Irrigated Trials,White Wheats and Variety Trial Results & Recommendations.

April 2007 – Wheat Damage from Freeze, Dryland Corn Production and Resurrection of Propazine (MiloPro).


July 2006 – 2005-2006 Wheat Crop in Review, Wheat Streak Mosiac and the High Plains Disease, Variety Trial Results and Recommendations

July 2005 – 2004-2005 Wheat Crop in Review, Variety Trial Results and Recommendations

April 2005 – Stripe Rust and Leaf Rust


December 2004 – Yield Potential of Late Planted Wheat, Dryland Wheat, Irrigated Wheat, Variety Selection, Summary

December 2004 – Weathered Grain Sorghum, Mold, Feed Value, Summary

July 2004 – 2003-2004 Wheat Crop in Review, Variety Trial Results and Recommendations, Other Comments

March 2004 – Late Emerging Wheat, Estimating Wheat Yield Potential

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