Environmental Quality Published Reports

DRAFT Report of the Carcass Disposal Working Group to USDA-APHIS, 3-31-04 (IN REVIEW AT APHIS – NOT FOR FORMAL CITATION). View

Potucek, L. 2004. High-Tech Lagoon Management. TWRI New Waves Newsletter, July Issue, Volume 16, number 2, p 5. View

Cole, N.A., D.B. Parker, L.W. Greene, B.W. Auvermann and D. Williams. 2001. Influence of soil amendments on gaseous emissions of nitrogen, carbon and sulfur from feedyards. Final Report to Texas Cattle Feeders Association, Amarillo, TX.

Parker, D.B., D. Williams, N.A. Cole, B.W. Auvermann and J.S. Posey. 2000. Demonstration of biogas production using low moisture content beef cattle manure. Final Report to the Western Regional Biomass Energy Program, Lincoln, NE.

Auvermann, B.W., L.A. McDonald and J.M. Sweeten.1999. Composting Horse Manure. Texas Agricultural Extension Service, College Station, Texas. Bulletin No. B-6084. View

Shi, Y., D.B. Parker, N.A. Cole, B.W. Auvermann and L.W. Greene. 1999. Soil amendments for minimizing ammonia emissions from feedyard surfaces. ASAE Paper No. 99-4083. View

Posey, J.S., D.B. Parker, D.L. Williams, B.W. Auvermann and N.A. Cole. 1999. Production of biogas in landfill cells using beef cattle manure collected in open lots. ASAE Paper No. 99-4084. View

McCullough, M.C., D.B. Parker, B.W. Auvermann and C. Robinson. 1999. Investigation of seal formation on the feedlot profile. ASAE Paper No. 99-4081. View

Parker, D.B., B. Weinheimer, B. Auvermann, J. Sweeten, L. Perino and L. New. 1998. Water use and conservation at beef cattle feedyards. ASAE Paper No. 98-2138.  View

Auvermann, B.W. and J.M. Sweeten. 1992. Solids-Separation systems for livestock manure and wastewater. Final report from the Erath County Dairy Field Day, Dublin, TX. April 14.  View

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