Zebra Chip Publications

  • Zebra Chip Disease: Description, Impact, and Symptoms  (2012).  View
  • Zebra Chip Disease of Potato (updated 6/2012).  View
  • Papa Manchada (updated 6/2012).  View
  • SCRI Zebra Chip Integrated Research and Management Program.  View
  • Potato Zebra Chip Disease Associated with a New Psyllid-borne Bacterium.  View
  • Zebra Chip Disease of Potatoes (Slide and Audio Presentation).  View
  • Biology and Management of the Potato Psyllid and Zebra Chip Disease.  View
  • Zebra Chip of Potato.  View
  • Mancha Rayada de la Papa (Zebra Chip). View

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