International Working Group for Plant Viruses with Fungal Vectors

The International Working Group on Plant Viruses with Fungal Vectors (IWGPVFV) was formed in 1988 at Kyoto, Japan, with Dr. Chuji Hiruki as chairperson, Drs. Renate Koeng, John Sherwood, Gail Wilser, and most recently Ueli Merz also have served as Chairperson. Currently, there are approximately 65 members, representing 16 countries. The goal of the working group is to provide a forum to facilitate international collaboration and multidisciplinary research on all aspects of plant viruses with fungal vectors. Members of the group meet every three years to present research on a wide variety of topics including virus taxonomy and characterization, vector biology and ecology, virus-vector interactions, and disease epidemiology and management. The high quality of information presented in an informal setting to an international group with common interests always makes for an enjoyable, professionally rewarding meeting.