2018  Newsletters

Panhandle Pest Update


July 28, 2018  What about Bollworms in Cotton on the Texas Panhandle? – View

July 26, 2018  What’s Up With All the Earworms in Bt Corn? – View

July 20, 2018  Pest Status for the Texas Panhandle – View

July 13, 2018  Sugarcane aphids and Western Bean Cutworms  –  View

July 10, 2018  Word is Out, Sugarcane aphids found on the Texas Southern High Plains. – View

May 11, 2018 Cotton pest Report –  View

2017 Newsletters

Panhandle Pest Update – V9i9_7.31.2017 – Spider mites and upcoming Weather Forecasts View

Panhandle Pest Update – V9i1_3.10.2017 – Wheat Pests     View

Panhandle Pest Update – V9i2_3.31.2017 – Chlorpyrifos       View

Panhandle Pest Update – V9i3_5.31.2017 – Crop Pest Update     View

Panhandle Pest Update – V9i4_6/21/2017 – Aphids in Grain and Forage Sorghums         View

Panhandle Pest Update – V9i5_6.26.2017 – Sugarcane Aphids Found in Lubbock County       View

Panhandle Pest Update – V9i6_6/30/2017 – Moth Trapping Data       View

Panhandle Pest Update – V9i7_7.14.2017 – Western Bean Cutworm       View

Panhandle Pest Update – V9i8_7.20.2017 – Sugarcane aphids in the Panhandle   View

2016 Newsletters

Panhandle Pest Update – V8i10_10.06.2016 – Fall Armyworms in wheat

Panhandle Pest Update – V9i8_9.9.2016 – Heavy infestation of green cloverworms being found in alfalfa and soybeans

Panhandle Pest Update – V8i8_8.5.2016 – Moth trapping catches for the southwestern corn borer, fall armyworm, and western bean cutworm. Sugarcane aphid distribution and insecticide guidelines and restrictions for Transform and Sivanto prime

Panhandle Pest Update – V8i7_7.22.2016 – Spider mite infestations and the Panhandle moth trapping catches

Panhandle Pest Update – V8i6_7.15.2016 – Western Bean Cutworm (WBC), Sugarcane Aphid on High Plains, Grasshoppers and Moth Trapping Activity

Panhandle Pest Update – V8i5_7.8.2016 – Western Bean Cutworm, Grasshoppers, Sugarcane Aphids

Panhandle Pest Update – V8i_6.24.2016 – Report any Unexpected Insect Damage to Cotton, Corn and Sorghum, Pest Update, SWCB moth activity 

Panhandle Pest Update – V8i3 5.10.2016 – Cotton Thrips and Sugarcane Aphid Update

Panhandle Pest Update – V8i2 4.12.2016 – Sugarcane Aphid Report and Wheat Update.

Panhandle Pest Update – V8i1 3.8.2016 – Wheat pests (army cutworm, winter grain mites, and wheat aphids) and the status of chlorpyrifos



2015 Newsletters

Panhandle Pest Update – V7i14 12.8.2015 – EPA propose removal of chlorpyrifos tolerances

Panhandle Pest Update – V7i13 11.16.2015 – EPA issues Cancellation Order for Transform
Panhandle Pest Update – V7i12 8.29.2015 – Sugarcane aphid stories, Cool temperatures may affect control
Panhandle Pest Update – V7i11 8.21.2015 – New Invasive aphid found on the Texas High Plains
Panhandle Pest Update – V7i10 8.14.2015 – Sugarcane Aphids Moving North to the Panhandle, 
Panhandle Pest Update – V7i9 8.7.2015 – Spider mite in sorghum, moth trapping
Panhandle Pest Update – V7i8 8.4.2015 – Yellow Sugarcane Aphid or Sugarcane Aphid – What’s the Difference
Panhandle Pest Update – V7i7 7.10.2015 – Update on Moth Trapping Captures
Panhandle Pest Update – V7i6 7.8.2015 – Sugarcane Aphid & Yellow Sugarcane Aphid
Panhandle Pest Update – V7i5 6.25-2015 – Grasshoppers, Spider Mites, Fall Armyworms
Panhandle Pest Update – V7i4 5.29.2015 – Armyworms and Wheat Head Armyworms
Panhandle Pest Update – V7i3 4.7.2015 – White Grubs, Sugarcane Aphid 2015 distribution, Corn Bt trait table for Southern Cotton Zone
Panhandle Pest Update -V7i2 3.30.2015 – Pale Western Cutworms, Brown Wheat Mite
Panhandle Pest Update V7i1 3.17.2015 – Wheat Aphids, Army Cutworm



2014 Newsletters

Panhandle Pest Updates V6i1 1-23-2014 – A New Invasive Aphid of Grain Sorghum
Panhandle Pest Updates V6i2 2-20-2014 – Important Facts about Western Corn Rootworm
Panhandle Pest Updates V6i3 3-12-2014 – Wheat Pests (Greenbugs, Russian Wheat Aphids, and Brown Wheat Mites) and  Wheat Viral Disease and Wheat Curl Mite
Panhandle Pest Updates V6i4 4-24-2014 – Texas Panhandle Scout School
Panhandle Pest Updates V6i5 4-25-2014 – Transform© WG receives Section 18 label for Sugarcane Aphid 
Panhandle Pest Updates V6i6 5-23-2014 – Update on the Sugarcane Aphid
Panhandle Pest Updates V6i7 6-20-2014 – Fall Armyworm Moth Activity
Panhandle Pest Updates V6i8 6-27-2014 – Leaf-Footed bug, White-Lined Sphinx caterpillar
Panhandle Pest Updates V6i9 7-02-2014 – Moth Activity and Spider Mites
Panhandle Pest Updates V6i10 7-11-2014 – General Observation and Spider Mites
Panhandle Pest Updates V6i11 7-30-2014 – Black Widow Spiders found in corn and cotton fields
Panhandle Pest Updates V6i12 8-4-2014 – General Situation, Lepidopteran Pests, Banks grass mites and Predators, White sugarcane aphid
Panhandle Pest Updates V6i13 8-8-2014 – Southwestern corn borer and Sorghum midge
Panhandle Pest Updates V6i14 9-2-2014 – Fall Armyworm, Southwestern Corn Borer and Western Bean Cutworm
Panhandle Pest Updates V6i15 9-11-2014 – The sugarcane aphid arrives on the southern High Plains
Panhandle Pest Updates V6i16 10-22-2014 – Update on Sugarcane Aphid on the Texas High Plains
Panhandle Pest Updates V6i17 11-4-2014 – Sugarcane Aphid confirmed on the Texas Panhandle
Panhandle Pest Updates V6i18 11-12-2014  Texas Panhandle Sugarcane Aphid Update with comments about Sorghum Ergot

2013 Newsletters 

Panhandle Pest Updates v5i2 4-12-2013 – Chlorpyrifos Resistant Greenbugs
Panhandle Pest Updates V5i3 6-12-2013 – Thrips, Thrips, Thrips, and More Thrips
Panhandle Pest Updates V5i4 6-20-2013 – Spider Mites, Fall Armyworm
Panhandle Pest Updates V5i7 7-19-2013 – Spider Mites, Moth Activity
Panhandle Pest Updates v5i8 7-27-2013 – Moth Activity, Cotton Situation
Panhandle Pest Updates V5i9 8-09-2013 – Spider mites, Sorghum Pests
Panhandle Pest Updates V5i10 8-17-2013 – ECB or Smartweed Borer
Panhandle Pest Updates v5i11 8-30-2013 – Caterpillar Invasion, Late Planted Corn and Sorghum Headwords
Panhandle Pest Updates V5i12 9-12-2013 – Fall Armyworms and other Moths

Panhandle Pest Updates V5i13 9-24-2013 – White Grubs do Damage

2012 Newsletters

Panhandle Pest Update V4i1 1-6-2012 – Aldicarb (Temik) Marketed As Meymik, Corn Rootworm Resistance To Bt In Iowa, Genuity VT Double Pro Available With RIB
Panhandle Pest Update V4i2 5-30-2012 – Thrips In Cotton, Moth Trapping
Panhandle Pest Update V4i3 6-14-2012 – Cotton Pests, Moth Trapping
Panhandle Pest Update V4i5 6-28-2012 – Spider Mites, Western Bean Cutworm
Panhandle Pest Update V4i6 7-6-2012 – Spider Mites, Moth Activity
Panhandle Pest Update V4i7 7-13-2013 – More Spider Mites, Moth Activity
Panhandle Pest Update V4i8 7-24-2012 – Southwestern Corn Borer
Panhandle Pest Update V4i8 7-24-2012 – Spider Miters In Corn And Sorghum
Panhandle Pest Update V4i9 8-3-2012 – Spider Mites In Corn And Sorghum
Panhandle Pest Update V4i10 8-10-2012 – 2012 Wheat Variety Trial Results, Moth Activity
Panhandle Pest Update V4i11 8-24-2012 – Sorghum Headworms, Report Of Kurtomathrips
Panhandle Pest Update V4i12 8-30-2012 – Wheat Pests, Moth Activity

2011 Newsletters

Panhandle Pest Update v3i1 (January 31, 2011) – Corn Insect Refuge Monitoring
Panhandle Pest Update v3i2 (March 15, 2011) – Activity of insects in wheat, Products for Aphid, Brown Wheat Mite, and Army Cutworm Management
Panhandle Pest Update v3i3 (June 10, 2011) – Moth Pest Survey, Spider mites and Thrips in Corn and Cotton
Panhandle Pest Update v3i4  (June 24, 2011) – Moth Pest Survey: Southwestern Corn Borer, Western Bean Cutworm and Fall Armyworm, Spider mites in Corn
Panhandle Pest Update v3i5 (July 1, 2011) – Spider mites in corn, Fleahopper, Moth Trapping
Panhandle Pest Update v3i6 (July 8, 2011) – Moths in Corn, Western Bean Cutworm Life Stage Pictorial, Consultant’s Corner, Southwestern Corn Borer Moth Trap Catches 
Panhandle Pest Update v3i7 (July 18, 2011) – Moths in Corn and Consultant’s Corner
Panhandle Pest Update v318 (August  12, 2011) – Bt Rootworm Resistance Corn, Moth Trap Catches, Spider Mite Predators Controlling Mites, Cattle Supplement Recall
Panhandle Pest Update v3i9 (August 18, 2011) – Insect Damage and Cotton Boll Age, Moth Trap Catches
Panhandle Pest Update v3i10 (August 25, 2011) – Syngenta Agrisure Viptera Corn, Moth Trap Catches 

2010 Newsletters

Panhandle Pest Newsletter No. 1 (3/24/2010) – Potential Situation for wheat aphids, Identifying common aphids in wheat
Panhandle Pest Newsletter No. 2 (6/07/2010) – Corn Insects, Cotton Insects, Wheat and Insecticide Update
Panhandle Pest Newsletter No. 3 (6/17/2010) – Spider mites becoming more prevalent, High numbers of FAW moths trapped and  in Hartley county and Insecticide Update
Panhandle Pest Newsletter No. 4 (7/2/2010) –  Grasshoppers in field margins, Western Bean Cutworm and Cotton fleahopper and Lygus
Panhandle Pest Newsletter No. 5 (7/9/2010) – Western Bean Cutworm moth catches increasing, Fall Armyworm moth catches declining, Spider miter infestations remaining static and Early season mite control trials data
Panhandle Pest Newsletter No. 6 (7/16/2010) – Western Bean Cutworm moth catches and egg laying increasing, Western Corn Rootworm adults, Spider mite infestations remaining static
Panhandle Pest Newsletter No. 7 (7/23/2010) – Spider mite populations increasing, Western Bean Cutworm moth continue to be active, Second generation southwestern corn borer moths are beginning to emerge
Panhandle Pest Newsletter No. 8 (8/5/2010) – Spider mites continue to be a concern, Western Bean Cutworm and Southwestern corn borer moth trap capture numbers, Calculating Economic Injury Levels for caterpillars in grain sorghum

Panhandle Pest Newsletter No.9 (8/19/2010) – Possible Lepidopteran Pests in Corn, Cotton, Grain sorghum, and wheat

2009 Newsletters

Panhandle Pest Newsletter No.1 (4-7-2009) – Russian Wheat Aphids and Greenbugs Still a Concern
Panhandle Pest Newsletter No.2 (5-27-2009) – Carbofuran Cancellation status, Cotton Thrips and Bt Corn, Optimum AcreMax 1
Panhandle Pest Newsletter No.3 (6-4-2009) – Armyworms in wheat,Russian Wheat Aphids migrating to other plants, Thrips infesting cotton and Early infestation of spider mites in Corn
Panhandle Pest Newsletter No.4 (7-9-2009) – Moth activity in trap catches, Western Corn Rootworm adult emergence model predictions, Leafminer infestation in corn, Management decisions for cotton fleahoppers and lygus and Whorl worms in sorghum
Panhandle Pest Newsletter No.5 (7-30-2009) – Moth activity in trap catches, Spider mite predators, Whorl and sorghum head worms, Wheat pest management
Panhandle Pest Newsletter No.6 (9-9-2009) – Sampling for sorghum headworms and determining damaging threshold levels, Cotton Insect, Wheat variety disease and insect ratings and Sunflower insect management guide