Jackie C. Rudd, Ph.D., Regents Fellow

Rudd, J

Professor, Agronomy

B.S., Tarleton State University, 1977
M.S., University of Arkansas, 1980
Ph.D., Kansas State University, 1992

Texas A&M AgriLife Research
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Dr. Rudd is project leader of the hard winter wheat breeding program for the High Plains and Rolling Plains of Texas. His responsibilities include management of the cultivar development project, graduate student training, and conducting research relevant to wheat genetic improvement.

Before coming to Amarillo, Jackie was project leader of the spring wheat breeding program at South Dakota State University, where he also managed cultivar development, was involved with graduate student training, served as major/thesis advisor, and conducted research in spring wheat genetics.

Dr. Rudd led the development of 8 hard red spring wheat cultivars: Russ, Oxen, Forge, Ingot, Ember, Walworth, and Briggs; 8 hard red winter wheat cultivars: TAM 112, TAM 113, TAM, 114, TAM 203, TAM 204, TAM 303, TAM 304, and TAM 401; and 2 triticale cultivars: TAMCale 5019 and TAMCale 6331. He also served on the team development of several other small grain cultivars.

Dr. Rudd has served as a member of the National Wheat Germplasm Committee and the National Wheat Improvement Committee and has served on the Executive Committee of the National Wheat and Barley Scab Initiative. He currently serves on the Executive Committee of the Wheat Quality Council Board of Trustees. He has also traveled outside the United States to many countries, including Mexico, Guatemala, China, Japan, Kenya and Serbia, to provide consultation and present information regarding wheat breeding and its implications on improved varieties and yield.


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