Jenny S. Jennings, Ph.D.

Jenny Jennings (1) Assistant Professor of Animal Nutrition

B.S., Missouri State University, 2004
M.S., University of Arkansas, 2006
Ph D., South Dakota State University, 2009

Texas A&M AgriLife Research                                  The Plains Nutrition Council
6500 Amarillo Blvd W
Amarillo, TX 79106
Phone: (806)677-5600
Fax: (806)677-5644
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Dr. Jenny Jennings is the Texas A&M AgriLife Research Project Leader for the Animal Nutrition Laboratory in Amarillo, Texas A&M AgriLife Research/USDA-ARS Research Feedlot and Metabolism Laboratory at Bushland, and livestock research at the Texas A&M AgriLife Research James Bush Research Farm north of Bushland.  Her general research interests include nutritional management and sustainability within all sectors of the beef cattle industry.  She is currently focused on; alternative confinement systems for grazing cows, improving the utilization of forage and byproduct feeds, genomic selection tools connected to rumen metabolism, body composition, and health, and environmental impacts of the beef industry.

She is a member of the Texas A&M University Department of Animal Science.  Jennings is also a member of the American Registry of Professional Animal Scientists and is adjunct faculty at West Texas A&M University.

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