Colorado Noxious Weed Biocontrol

As of 2008, the biological control of noxious weeds project has been going on in Colorado for twelve years at Ft. Carson Military Post, nine years at Air Force Academy, eight years at Rocky Flats National Wildlife Refuge, six years at Buckley Air Force Base, and five years at F. E. Warren Air Force Base in Wyoming. The goal of the program is to establish approved insects and mites for control of various federal- and state-listed noxious weeds at multiple sites within the five locations mentioned below. In addition to establishing sites, we redistribute established insects and mites to additional weed infestations and monitor the reduction in weed infestations through GPS mapping of infestation perimeters and plant measurements that include density, height, and other variables. A report detailing each summer’s findings is generated annually and can be found in PDF format through the links below. For more information please contact us via phone or email.

Air Force Academy
Ft. Carson Military Post
Rocky Flats