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Back to School

There is a definite “pep in everyone’s step” this week as school gets back in session.  I know this same excitement exists at county offices as the new 4-H year brings enrollment, contests, fairs, club meetings, etc.  Good luck to all of you as you lead your volunteers and interact with new families.  My wish for you is that your enrollment numbers are high and the good lord blesses you with more than enough parents and volunteers to help you lead.  I know; but I can wish!!

Two Down and Two to Go
We just completed the small grains/feed grains/dairy retreat and it was outstanding.  Ok the accommodations were not so good but the planning and activities were outstanding.  Lots of excellent communication between specialists and agents along with excellent discussion related to future programs.  I’m very excited about the regional programs planned and some of your ideas for multi-county and county meetings.  I want to say thanks to everyone for their positive attitudes and open minds.  It was a definite step in the right direction.  On to the cotton retreat in Lubbock and I bet it will be outstanding also.  I also want you to hold the date of October 19 if you are interested in attending a Horticulture Retreat where we will have the opportunity to interact with state specialists and do some planning for district and regional potential programs.

The Program Planning Continues
I want to thank all of you for your efforts towards planning your youth programs in 2016.  It is refreshing to sit here today and say all required plans are approved.  Now it’s on to the completion of your plans this fall which includes your adult in-depth Ag plans, General Ag plan, and some of you still have youth in-depth plans to work on.  Here are some dates you need to be aware of;

  • Work session for new agents at District Meetings (Sept 2 Amarillo/Sept 9 Lubbock)
  • Program Expectation Webinar – September 17 (More Information Coming)
  • Face to Face Work Sessions (October 14 Lubbock/October 15 Amarillo)
  • First Draft for Plans on-line – October 23
  • Plans Approved – November 16
  • Face to Face Work Session in Lubbock – November 23 (All agents with plans not approved by Nov. 16)

I’m willing to help any of you with questions or assist you in developing your plans.  The invitation is open and I’m here to help.  My goal is for you to be successful with your programming in 2016.  Success starts with a solid plan.  Let me know when and if you need assistance.


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