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The work taking place within the Texas A&M AgriLife Research and Extension Center at Weslaco is bolstered by an array of research, extension, and conferencing facilities across our campus. These allow faculty and staff in Weslaco to conduct world-class science that nourishes health, strengthens communities, protects natural resources, and supports economies..


The center includes more than 9,850 square feet of research laboratory space.

Greenhouse facilites

More than 74,000 square feet of greenhouse space support advanced crop plant research in Weslaco. The space includes workshops, storerooms, and sheds for research initiatives. 


360 acres of cropland at the center include an on-campus pond and experimental fields with systems to accommodate a range of irrigation types. The soil types in our three major field research sites mirror those of commercial farms across the southeast U.S. 

Conferencing and auditorium

A 2,094 square-foot auditorium at the center is equipped with a large projector, digital presentation tools, and web capabilities for remote conferencing among large groups. This auditorium accommodates large workshop groups and meetings among many attendees. A 256-square-foot conference room is available for smaller groups. It is equipped with a smart board, web capability, a projector, and teleconferencing tools.


More than 3,500 square feet of office space at the research center serves faculty and staff with advanced computer and conferencing capabilities as well as powerful software to undertake a range of data-heavy project analyses.